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Paddy joined the BBC as a sound assistant, later becoming a studio manager in World Service and BBC Radio. After joining the Radiophonic Workshop, he created a large number of special effects and incidental music for series such as Doctor Who and the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
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From Television Centre floor assistant to working as a producer/director on the full range of OBs Chris tells of brushes with such contrasting characters as Benjamin Britten and Donald Trump. Also he had Les Dawson as a lodger!
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Paul was general manager of the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Chorus and the BBC Singers. He describes how the performers are appointed and managed and makes a persuasive defence of what many see as jewels in the BBC’s crown.
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Linda joined the BBC aged 18, began as a secretary to TV pioneer Cecil Madden at the newly built TVC. Then worked for Aubrey Singer before becoming an assistant floor manager in drama.
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Ed, is best known for his Horizon documentaries such as How Children learn and Now the Chips are Down. He joined Schools TV in 1962 as a researcher, worked for several years at the Open University before getting an attachment to Science and Features.
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Jan trained as an artist and became a scenic artist painting back cloths and scenery for programmes such as I Claudius. Later she became a BBC News court artist, sitting in court rooms and drawing people in the dock from memory.
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With a deep curiosity about how television worked, Mitch started work as a camera assistant at Television Centre but became a specialist in electronic effects on series ....
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Our foremost natural history presenter describes his time in the BBC between 1952 when he joined the fledgling television service at Alexandra Palace to his time as controller of BBC Two.
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Nick wrote for the Listener and then scripts for BBC Radio 3. After a spell writing in New York he became Controller of Radio 3 and then in charge off the Proms.
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Voices out of the Air” in Portland Place to early indiscretions in the Arabic Service and stories of Joyce Grenfell, John Betjeman (a world first of a poem in reply to a ’thank you’ letter), Fanny Craddock and the Queen Mother. Then upwards to Controller, Educational Broadcasting, protecting the output.
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