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Paddy joined the BBC as a sound assistant, later becoming a studio manager in World Service and BBC Radio. After joining the Radiophonic Workshop, he created a large number of special effects and incidental music for series such as Doctor Who and the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
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Linda joined the BBC aged 18, began as a secretary to TV pioneer Cecil Madden at the newly built TVC. Then worked for Aubrey Singer before becoming an assistant floor manager in drama.
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Ed, is best known for his Horizon documentaries such as How Children learn and Now the Chips are Down. He joined Schools TV in 1962 as a researcher, worked for several years at the Open University before getting an attachment to Science and Features.
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Jan trained as an artist and became a scenic artist painting back cloths and scenery for programmes such as I Claudius. Later she became a BBC News court artist, sitting in court rooms and drawing people in the dock from memory.
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Erica, her husband, father and uncle all worked for the BBC. Her own time was spent working in Registry at Television Centre when it was half built. She describes a very different BBC from today.
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Andy worked his way into BBC Radio Stoke as a ‘hanger on’ while still at school. At Imperial College he landed on-air work on Radio London and Radio1. Later he worked on the Domesday project.
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Mike worked as a boom operator and gram operator in Bristol and then sound supervisor at TVC. In Moscow studios for the Olympics he observed intriguing...
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Jeremy joined the BBC in1974 as a film dispatch clerk and spent most of his time at Lime Grove, which he describes in affectionate detail...
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Dorothy worked for the BBC for nearly 40 years. She was chief assistant to Robin Scott - controller of Radios 1 and 2 and reflects on a range of social issues including equal opportunities and disciplinary matters within the BBC.
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With a deep curiosity about how television worked, Mitch started work as a camera assistant at Television Centre but became a specialist in electronic effects on series ....
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