Voice Media: Television

Jean Nunn

Jean’s 23 year BBC career was spent in Educational Broadcasting, 11 years with the Open University Production then later in Schools and Continuing Education.

Liz Elton

Liz joined the BBC straight from school in the 1960s. She worked her way up the BBC 'the hard way'.

Bhasker Solanki

Bhasker in his 40 years with the BBC as a news cameraman covered everything from Tiananmen Square, Beijing to the Royal Family. A frank 3 hour account of his many assignments.

Fred Harris

Fred presented children’s TV programmes in the 1970s and ‘80s. He also presented many of the BBC’s computer literacy programmes such as MicroLive.

Iain Johnstone

Iain started his broadcasting career in 1966 working for ITN. He moved as quickly as he could to the BBC and joined Presentation Programmes where they made the first programme for BBC2. He made a series about the 1950 and then created The Film Programme and discovered Barry Norman.

Ruth Mayorcas

Ruth joined the BBC in 1976 starting as a floor assistant and AFM, working on Play of the Month, Play for Today and Dr Who. Ruth discusses the way plays were rehearsed and recorded and what it was like working with actors like Michael Crawford.

Sir Roly Keating

Roly joined the BBC as a general trainee straight from university. He worked as a producer in Music and Arts, pioneering The Late Show and Later with Jools Holland. He became Controller of BBC2 then went on to found the emerging digital channels such as UKTV.

Fenella Sturt

Fenella join in 1957, quickly became a Production Secretary then Assistant in Radio and TV on a wide variety of current affairs and educational programmes. She became Personal Assistant to Controller Educational TV and left the BBC in 1993.

Don Cheeseman

Don describes joining the BBC at Alexandra Palace in the late 1950s. He remembers covering Princess Margaret’s wedding from Scotland Yard, an A bomb test in the Sahara and class distinctions between white coats ad brown coats in the early but primitive days of television

Paddy Kingsland

Paddy joined the BBC as a sound assistant, later becoming a studio manager in World Service and BBC Radio. After joining the Radiophonic Workshop, he created a large number of special effects and incidental music for series such as Doctor Who and the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.