Voice Departaments: Other Support Services

Linda McCarthy

Linda joined the BBC aged 18, began as a secretary to TV pioneer Cecil Madden at the newly built TVC. Then worked for Aubrey Singer before becoming an assistant floor manager in drama.

Erica Guy

Erica, her husband, father and uncle all worked for the BBC. Her own time was spent working in Registry at Television Centre when it was half built. She describes a very different BBC from today.

Jeremy Suffolk

Jeremy joined the BBC in1974 as a film dispatch clerk and spent most of his time at Lime Grove, which he describes in affectionate detail...

Chris Price

Chris joined The BBC as a camera assistant, working in Outside Broadcasts and at Television Centre and other studio.

David Hargeaves

David started in Appointments but moved to production, ending as a head of department.

Terry Marsh

Terry started in audience research then became a writer/director on Play School. She rose to become an Exec Producer and then Head of Schools Television.

Alan Bilyard

Alan (1955) started aged 16. He describes his early impressions of the BBC, his work in finance, leading mainly to responsibilities for UK and overseas commercial sales within BBC Enterprises.

Sue Malden

Sue Malden joined Film Library as a holiday relief. Became an assistant librarian and then rose to being head of the Film and TV Library at Brentford, and steered the library through Producer Choice.

Christina Hamilton

Christina started as a secretary in News, progressed to being a production assistant in Music and Arts and became a Unit Manager in the Natural History Unit in Bristol, managing large budgets.