Voice Departaments: Engineering & Technical Operations

Chris Highton

From Technical operation BH Chris worked his way to producing and presenting for various Local Radio stations and helped to set up Wiltshire Sound.

Don Cheeseman

Don describes joining the BBC at Alexandra Palace in the late 1950s. He remembers covering Princess Margaret’s wedding from Scotland Yard, an A bomb test in the Sahara and class distinctions between white coats ad brown coats in the early but primitive days of television

Mike Giles

Mike worked as a boom operator and gram operator in Bristol and then sound supervisor at TVC. In Moscow studios for the Olympics he observed intriguing...

Mitch Mitchell

With a deep curiosity about how television worked, Mitch started work as a camera assistant at Television Centre but became a specialist in electronic effects on series ....

Bill Dudman

Bill was a member of the BBC Film Department, moving from assistant to a senior DOP (Director of Photography) working on major LE and Drama.

Patrick Titley

After a short stint as a maths teacher Patrick joined the BBC as a Trainee Camera Assistant. He later moved to ITV and has a list of credits far too long to list here.

Alan Roberts

Alan spent over thirty years enjoying himself in BBC Research & Development at Kingswood Warren.

Steve Lowry

Steve began as a Studio Engineer and vividly describes working at Television Centre on shows like Swap Shop and Newsnight.

Bernie Newnham

Bernie (1966) began in studios as a cable basher then cameraman. Moved to being a network director and Presentation department producer of Points of View.

Bert Gallon

Bert trained as an electronic engineer after completing his National Service in the RAF and went on to spend 37 years with the BBC.